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Ecommerce Packaging Service In Kenya

We at Boxleo, offer a wide range of comprehensive packaging services and solutions for each of your business needs. We are leaders in providing ecommerce packaging service in Kenya. We understand that operations for you should be neat, lean and hassle free. It is imperative for businesses to concentrate on core operations and sales so that you can grow without having to worry much about other things such as packaging. This is what we capitalize on to provide immaculate packaging services and solutions. Thus, in this way we help your business by reducing cost, enhance product visibility and control and increase speed of delivery.

Our Services

We at Boxleo, build custom solutions for our customers according to the specific needs and requirements. Some of these solutions include packing, kitting, warehousing and just in time delivery. We offer a total and comprehensive packaging service that includes repacking of finished products so that product launches, promotions and customization for local markets can be supported. There are also additional packing solutions that include packaging design and packaging materials procurement. Our services and solutions are environment friendly and include safe and economical returnable containers and packaging free transport solutions. This helps you to cut on waste and labour costs. We have following packaging solutions to offer for our customers:

  • On site packing: We offer an option for our customers in which we bring materials and crew to the customer site to pack the products that are to be shipped.
  • Box sizes as per need: Boxleo Courier and Fulfillment services locations have more than 20 standard box sizes and also we have a provision to customize a box as per the item you are shipping.
  • Packing materials to keep your items safe: We use materials that keep your items safe while packaging. Some of these materials are bubble cushioning, foam wrap and foam planks.

We at Boxleo are adept in advanced packing techniques like block and brace, double box and suspension. We specialize in packing fragile and high valued items such as artwork and electronics. We are also adept at packing odd shaped items like golf clubs and other sports equipment.

Operations should be lean and hassle-free. Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services offers a set of packaging services that enables customers to focus on their core products and processes to grow their business. Packing, kitting, warehousing and just-in-time delivery are examples of services that we custom build to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Contract packaging involves the integration of outsourced packing operations into distribution centers, to increase flexibility and streamline fulfillment. This reduces cost, enhances product visibility and control, and increases speed-to-market.

Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services offers a comprehensive packaging service, including the re-packing of finished products to support product launches, promotions and customization for local markets. We also offer additional packing solutions, including packaging design and packaging materials procurement, as well as environmentally friendly transit packaging which includes safe and economical returnable containers and packaging-free transport solutions, helping you cut waste and labor costs. We offer the ecommerce packaging solutions:

On-Site Packing

Box Sizes for Your Every Need

More than 20 standard package sizes are kept in each of the Boxleo Courier &
Fulfillment Services locations, or we can customize a box unique to the item you are sending.

Packing Materials to Keep Your Items Safe

  • Bubble cushioning
  • Foam wrap
  • Foam planks

Why us?

We at Boxleo aim to satisfy our customers by fulfilling their needs and requirements. With us, you are sure to receive a very customer friendly treatment and experience. We work with our customers closely to understand the needs and requirements so that our services and solutions are well built to suit our customers’ requirements. We also have a provision to make tailor made services and solutions. Our packaging solutions are world class and thus we are a one stop solution for all your packaging needs. We have a team of expert professionals specialized in packaging to fulfil your every needs. We establish a long term relationship with our customers and this is what keeps us going forward.

Trust The Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Packing Experts

  • Let our packing experts do the job for you so your items arrive safely and intact
  • We are trained in advanced packing techniques like block and brace, double box, and suspension
  • We can pack almost anything

We specialize in properly packing fragile and high-value items like artwork or electronics, and can package large or odd-shaped items such as golf clubs or sporting equipment. Save time and visit our offices for help from the packing experts.

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