Medical Courier

Medical Courier In Kenya

At Boxleo, we understand that each industry has its own requirement as far as courier, storage, packaging, fulfillment, etc. is concerned. Similarly, medicine or pharma sector is a niche industry which have their own rules and regulations we need to adhere to. So, it becomes highly imperative for Courier Company to intricately understand the medicine or pharma industry before serving them. Not only regulations but time constraints and transport needs are of high importance in medicine industry. So, we at Boxleo understand it thoroughly and this is the reason why our customers have partnered us without any worry for courier service. Thus, this makes us the leader in Kenya region as far as medical courier in Kenya is concerned. We are well equipped to serve medical industry be it a small medicine or a big equipment.

Our features:

We offer following services in terms of medical courier:

  • Scheduled deliveries: We offer scheduled deliveries for our customers without any failure or delay in the scheduled time.
  • Route deliveries: We also have facility of providing route delivery for our revered customers and we have a proven record in this.
  • Rush or STAT deliveries: We understand that medical couriers can consist of critical packages which could prove life critical and we are well adept and equipped to serve.
  • Refrigerated deliveries: There are certain medicines and related products which require refrigeration at particular temperatures, and we take care of this aspect and serve you to the best.

Our healthcare clients include hospitals, clinics, labs, blood donors, physicians, dentists, medical record services, food testing labs and other healthcare organizations. In healthcare industry, confidentiality of patients is a must and we take care of this aspect as well. We have carrying cases and packages for temperature sensitive specimens. We contain blood and fluid spill kits and secure compartments for confidential patient information. Our vehicles and bikes are always secured. We have tracking facility for the delivery vehicles to track the vehicles in real time.

What sets us apart?

Medicine and healthcare industry norms and regulations sets various challenges to courier industry and we are a well-prepared courier company for it. We take care of all our customers’ needs and requirements before setting off for a delivery. As the medicine industry is very sensitive and can be life critical, we do not leave any corner untouched by care. Each staff member is trained with medicine or pharma industry regulations in Kenya. Our well-equipped team who are trained again and again with any update in the industry. That means our team is well versed with the latest changes in the pharma and healthcare industry. This makes it easy and seamless to serve our customers with the best service. We have latest equipment to help us in serving you. Our experienced support personnel while tracking the package gives you the best experience by partnering with us.

Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services understands that each industry has unique needs and requirements. When it comes to the medical industry, those specifications are of the utmost importance. That’s why we train our entire staff on regulations, time constraints, transport needs, HIPAA/OSHA regulations and much more. From medical supplies and samples to x-rays and specimens, our team is equipped to deliver your items, both big and small, on-demand and scheduled route. Whether it’s a small vial or 10 pallets, our team has you covered

Services We Provide

  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Route deliveries
  • Rush or STAT deliveries
  • Refrigerated deliveries

Healthcare Clients Include

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Labs
  • Blood Centers
  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Medical records services
  • Food testing laboratories
  • Other healthcare organizations

Examples Of What We Deliver

  • Hospitals
  • Blood samples
  • Dental devices
  • Lab results
  • Lab specimens
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical records
  • Medical supplies
  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vaccines
  • X-rays

Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services delivers the specialized handling necessary to meet the unique demands of healthcare. We are 100 percent committed to maintaining specimen integrity and patient confidentiality through:

  • Packages and carrying cases for temperature-sensitive specimens
  • Blood and fluid spill kits
  • Secure compartments for confidential patient information
  • Secured vehicles and bikes at all times
  • Physicians
  • Drivers who wear uniforms and photo identification badges for your protection
  • Tracking and tracing to maintain chain of custody from pickup through delivery
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