Order Fulfillment

What is order fulfillment?

If you are an ecommerce company, it would be very hectic to complete the entire cycle of inquiry to receiving payment wherein between lies an order fulfillment process. Order fulfillment consists of the process after receiving order till the goods are received by the customer. If there is any return, that is also taken care by the order fulfillment process. So, there are instances where order fulfillment process is outsourced by companies to logistic organizations so that it is done in a hassle-free manner. As order fulfillment process is very critical for business, it becomes imperative to choose your logistics company carefully.

Ecommerce Courier In Kenya

Ecommerce business has been flourishing in Kenya by a great deal for many years. So, there is a great demand for outsourcing of order fulfillment. We at Boxleo have grabbed this chance to become leader in this area across Kenya. We have all the resources, ability, experience and technical knowhow to serve our customers in area of order fulfillment. We are a trusted name in this area across Kenya and we take time to ensure that your products are shipped to right customers in time with exceptional on time delivery. Handling logistics by yourself can be cumbersome for you as it is full of hassles. It also incurs too much of cost and time. So, join us and cut your costs and increase savings. Also, you can cut on manhours for your business to thrive. There could also be technology constraint for you to handle all the logistics by yourself. We specialize in order fulfillment and thus possess more than enough technology to streamline your process from the start till end. We ensure that your shipments reach your customers safe and secure without any damage and on time. If there are any returns, we are there to handle it too. We also offer ecommerce order fulfillment through mobile. Without us, you are bound to face many challenges like high shipping costs, time consuming pick/pack process, inventory management, incorrectly filled order, long international shipping time, trouble locating inventory, inability to replace items, etc. So, the solution is to outsource your problems to a good logistic firm.

Ecommerce Drop Shipping In Kenya

Drop shipping refers to shipping the products directly from manufacturers to retailers. We specialize in this as we have technical knowhow and experience in this. Our team is adept at this and brings its expertise from its vast experience. We are leaders in this across Kenya. We not only ship the products but also pick and pack the products before shipping. So, all the hassles are on us which will make you worry free. We also offer excellent package tracking facility which is real time with our impeccable technology. Moreover, we work to aim highest customer satisfaction. We also understand the criticality because shipping right products at the right time is important for you and your customers.

E-Commerce & Product Fulfillment Services

E-Commerce Fulfillment

When a client’s customer orders a product online, they want to ensure that it will reach their home undamaged, whether they’re sending it domestically or internationally. As a trusted name in e-commerce fulfillment, Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Ltd. will take the time to ensure that your clients’ goods reach their hands in a timely manner and safely as well. Hiring a third-party logistics organization such as Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Ltd. is an efficient and cost-effective way to take care of all your shipping needs. We use the latest technology and specialize in ways that our customers can completely eliminate in-house logistics to cut costs or, if they are a small business, let a third party handle their logistics at an affordable cost. Many small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not have the resources available to them to handle e-commerce on their own; that’s where we come in. However, the technology behind e-commerce may also be beyond many SMEs, so let us take care of that for you as well. Or if you have the resources, but not the understanding, we will take the time to explain how our solutions work. We offer e-commerce on a number of platforms, including mobile.

Online order fulfillment is one of the keys to a successful business. Customers today demand that their packages be delivered on time and in sound condition, and they expect this to be done in the most efficient manner possible. Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Ltd. helps small- and medium-sized businesses manage all their shipping needs. Whether shipping domestically or dealing with international shipments, Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Ltd. has the technology and the experience to get the job done effectively. While your customers may be completely happy with their products, it’s inevitable that there will be the occasional return. We will handle any returns your customers make in an efficient, hassle-free manner. We will also go the extra mile to ensure that orders arrive undamaged. It’s no wonder why we’re a trusted name in third-party logistics!

The Problem

  • High shipping costs/fees
  • Time-Consuming Pick-And-Pack Process
  • Poor Inventory Management
  • Incorrectly Filled Order
  • Long international shipping timeliness
  • Trouble locating inventory
  • Poor communication with suppliers
  • Inability to Replace Lost or Damaged Products

The Solution

  • Third party warehousing and logistics company with order fulfillment services that help customers manage their warehouse layout.
  • Inventory control in its truest sense with an implemented sequential order-picking that is streamlined by distribution software and uses robust technology to track relevant data and makes sure that inventory is always up-to-date and well managed.

Fulfilling Multiple E-Commerce Products

Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Ltd. has grown to accommodate the fulfillment of a variety of products including:

  • Vitamins, Supplements, and Nutraceuticals
  • Beauty/Skincare
  • Nutritional and Sports Beverages
  • Media/Books
  • Apparel
  • Small Electronics
  • Plus much more


One of the biggest benefits of allowing us to manage your e-commerce order fulfillment is the flexibility it affords your company. Small businesses, in particular, are able to depend on Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Ltd. ’s expertise while they focus on other aspects of growing their business.

The added flexibility helps your business to:

  • Save money by changing fixed costs (warehouse) into variable costs.
  • Scale fulfillment services according to the growth of your business.
  • Nutritional and Sports Beverages
  • Eliminate the need to set up your own fulfillment system. This saves valuable time and resources, and ensures that the technology is being properly utilized by experienced professionals.

Order fulfillment has become an integral part of customer service and customer experience. You need a third-party logistics company you can trust? At Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Ltd., we prove our value to our clients by providing the most dependable, effective e-commerce fulfillment services possible every day. We also take the extra care to ensure that your customers receive their orders as they should—undamaged and in a timely manner. And if your customers aren’t completely happy with their purchase, we will gladly process any returns they may have.

Pick and Pack Services

If you’re a company that produces goods, one of your biggest challenges is getting those goods processed, packaged correctly, and then sent out to the client through distribution and shipping—that’s called “pick and pack services.” Even just looking over what’s required in the process will reveal how much of a priority on-hand pick and pack services need to be for product fulfillment businesses.

Unfortunately, a lot of product fulfillment services don’t treat pick and pack with much respect. Their expertise is not up to current quality standards, yet they charge through the roof for their services. You might have already encountered these under-qualified companies in your business dealings, which is why you are now looking for higher-quality pick and pack services to achieve better business-to-client services. If so, get Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Ltd.

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