About Us

Courier & Fulfillment Services

For more than year, Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services has been meeting Kenya’s delivery needs with excellence, precision and friendly service.

Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services was established in 2019 with an aim to render precise and excellent logistics, storage and order fulfillment services. We started with a dream of making the logistics and order fulfillment perfect for our customers. We have a dream of not only perfecting the process but also making the whole experience customer friendly. We have been growing immensely since the start. We started with the home base at Nairobi and later expanding to Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru so that we can deliver high speed service for our revered customers. With the expansion geography, our services have expanded in courier and fulfillment services and storage solutions in Kenya. We continue to embrace best technology and systems to grow so that we can deliver the best to our customers. We not only believe that speed is important in courier services but also we understand the importance of safety and security of the deliverable. We have expertise in express courier, scheduled courier, packaging services and storage services with options like cash on delivery. We also provide state of the art courier and order tracking technology to enhance the customer experience. We offer personalized experience for our customers in terms of support too. We have a friendly team of customer representatives to serve your queries with an enhanced experience. In these years, we have established healthy relationships with various customers and have earned customer loyalty over the years to prove our excellence in our services. We wish to add many more in the list of our loyal customers and it encourages us to perform our best.

Storage Solutions In Kenya

You can find storage space to suit any number of needs, whatever the particular warehousing requirements. You could be moving and downsizing your house and want to store all the things that do not fit into the new property somewhere just before you can decide what you want to do with them. Maybe to avoid paint spots and spoilage, you are upgrading your office and want to store your things.
Do you run a fast-paced, already overcrowded office and need your archive storage warehouse space? Files and documents will take up lots of room and since it must be stored before being lost for a certain period of time, the boxes and files can soon be filled up and taken over. Warehousing is an effective solution, freeing up the much needed office space and giving you peace of mind that CCTVs are actively scrutinizing the files, ensuring their protection.
In addition to being routinely maintained and cleaned, all warehousing facilities, whether for pallet storage, chilled storage or storage and distribution, are completely protected and constantly monitored by closed-circuit television, offering the safest computer technology posts, the most efficient and cost-effective way to store almost anything that requires storage. It is truly no wonder that so many companies take full advantage of the convenience of warehouse space for all their storage needs these days.

Our Aim

We have been established with an aim to set up a standard and world class courier and delivery services firm that makes available a wide range of services and products as per industry standards across Kenya and other places across the world where we intend to operate from. Our vision is to have an active presence all over Africa and across the globe.

Our Mission

Establish a standard and world – class courier and delivery services company that will make available a wide range of services and products as it relates to the service offerings in the global courier and delivery services industry at affordable prices to the residence of Kenya, and other locations in the globe where we intend operating from.

Our Vision

Build a courier and delivery services company that will have active presence all over Africa and the globe.

Our Core Values

We mean what we say
We stick to our word and do what we promise.
Honesty Always.
This is one of our important core values. We believe in honest dealings.
We believe that we need to care for our people be it our staff or our customers.
Quality, friendly service
We aspire for rendering quality service which is friendly in nature.
We desire to grow ahead and big with help from technology as it allows us to scale our operations and enhance customer experience. This way we can stay ahead in competition and always look for ways to improve. For example: We started with paper orders and phone calls but we now offer online order entry and delivery tracking.
At Boxleo Courier and Fulfillment Services, we strive to respect all religions in everything we do and with respect to all the people we deal with.

If you aren’t ahead, you’re behind.

That’s what we believe when it comes to technology. Our management team which boasts more than a year of combined logistics experience is always focused on staying ahead of the logistics technology curve. We believe that the best service means the best technology. That’s why we offer our online order entry, and real-time tracking – just to name a few. Our 24/7 dispatch team utilizes state of the art logistics technology and is in constant communication with our drivers. You can believe that your delivery receives the utmost care and attention when you select Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services. While technology is essential to our success, we still believe in offering it all. Our website can be used or you can go the old-fashioned way and give us a call. A friendly customer service representative will greet you (yes, a person and not an automated response!) and help you set up an order. From technology to personalized service, our team truly offers it all.

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