eCommerce And Shipping Integration In Kenya

Ecommerce business is not a small operation by any means and includes a hectic and a full of hassle activity called shipping and delivering. If you are looking to set up an ecommerce business and are circumspect looking at the complexity of logistics, we are the one stop solution for all your hassles of shipping, delivery and return. If you want to have your own website but want to outsource the logistics part, our API integration into your website is the ultimate solution for all the problem statement. We offer the best ecommerce integration in Kenya and shipping integration in Kenya. If you do not want to contact the delivery agent and look after all the intricate process of logistics, API integration and resulting outsourcing of logistics is the solution for you. This is possible in an easy way. Even the integration is simple. With Boxleo’s API, it is very easy as you just need to simply copy and paste our code snippet into your website. The, we seamlessly manage your orders from your customers on your website. This way, you are free to just focus on your business and concentrate on growing it. So, it is as simple as set up once and deliver anywhere. We have simple shipping options and we also keep the inventory in sync. This enables brilliant inventory management without the need for you to focus on that part.


Some of the key features of our API integration are:

  • No setup fees: With us, getting started is free of cost as our packages come with zero set up fess. You just need to contact us for API integrations.
  • Instant setup: The whole setup with Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services is done in minutes without any hassle for you. So, you can get started within no time.
  • Shipping management: With the API integration, you need not face the hustle of contacting delivery agent and need not manage every process of shipping. The onus of completing the shipping process including returns is upon us.
  • Save time and money: The whole logistics process which is time consuming is outsourced. We are professional firm who specialize in this and thus save your time and money by a great deal. Our API is connected with PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, M-PESA, etc.
  • Able to integrate with any technology: Our API is seamlessly connectable with ecommerce platforms, business websites, CRMs and inventory management systems.
  • Comprehensive dashboard: With Boxleo API, you enjoy a full orders management on your website to track delivered orders, orders in transit, failed deliveries, returns and customer orders.
  • Tailor made solutions: We build solutions as per the size of tour business and we have affordable prices accordingly.
  • SMART solution: With our API integration, you are able to provide your client with access to shipping information, reports and billing information in a very easy way. The whole process and experience is automated.

Want to sell on your own website and not worry about shipment?

If you’re looking to add shipping APIs to your eCommerce or to your existing website, no doubt you’ve realized that most solutions require you to start all over again, or to hire a team of developers to build a new section into your existing site which inevitably never quite integrates how you had hoped.

  • Setup once, Delivery anywhere
  • Simple Shipping Options
  • Keep your inventory in sync

With Boxleo APIs, it’s easy. You simply copy & paste our code snippet into your website. We then seamlessly manage all of the orders your customers on your own website, enabling you to concentrate on what matters most; BUSINESS.

No Setup Fees

Getting started is free. Our packages come with zero setup fees. All you have to do is just contact us for API integrations.

Instant Setup

Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services stripped away all the complexity. Your store or website will be setup in minutes.

Shipping Management

We’ve come in to save you from the hustle of having to contact a delivery agent whenever you have an order.

A shipping solution to save time and money

Add two lines of code to your website and start delivering products to your preferred destinations. Our shipping APIs already connect with PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, M-PESA and many others.

A seamless shipping experience, on-site

Boxleo gives you simple “Ship to” HTML buttons & a customizable JavaScript shipping pages where clients can enter their shipping addresses. Result? Customers shop, pay and get their products delivered without you ever picking phone to call a delivery agent.

Shipping integration with any technology

Connect with e-commerce platforms, business websites, CRMs, inventory management systems & several other solutions. Harness the power of our API and webhooks to use Boxleo data anywhere.

Manage your orders with a comprehensive dashboard

Boxleo is more than a simple courier: enjoy a full back-office orders management dashboard to track delivered orders, orders in transit, failed deliveries, customer orders and more.

Our API Solutions

Along our already great range of services, Boxleo Courier also offers you the opportunity to connect your systems with ours. The technical term for this is called API, meaning that you will be able to offer your customers to choose from a fantastic array of personal, pre-selected solutions to get their orders delivered how they want it. When they want it.

Using the Boxleo Courier shipment website integration API you can quickly and easily add streamlined shipment services to your website.

No more messing about carting items to a delivery depot, you can integrate your door-to-door courier services directly into your existing shopping cart web site.

There are two levels of integration and three different payment methods to make integration a breeze. With full client access to shipment information, reports and billing information it couldn’t be easier.

Key benefits:

  • Lower prices
  • Total shipment automation
  • Competitive deferred Air Freight Service
  • Seamless professional customer experience


Based on the dimensions, sizes and destinations of your products – Boxleo Courier provides you, your business and your customer with smart and tailor-made logistic solutions. This will not only make the order process of your business very flexible, but it also allows your customer to have their orders delivered right the first time


Another function of our system of which we’re very proud, is the ability to create very large logistic solutions with just one click.

It’s called bulk upload and it will allow you, by uploading a spreadsheet (file: XLS, CSV), to import all your order data at once in your shipping account. So, instead of entering all details in manually (and have your intern experience a nervous breakdown), the system will order everything for you and automatically create the logistic solution your customers are served with best.

Needless to say, this will make you save an enormous amount of time.


Do you want to integrate your systems with ours? Sign up for a free profile now! Having a profile does not obligate you to do or send anything.

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