Cash On Delivery

Cash On Delivery In Kenya

Cash on Delivery or COD in short form is highly used term in ecommerce services. We can easily understand that COD means receiving the money for the order in cash after the product or order reaches the customer. This facility is largely used by customers across the world and is common nowadays. It has almost become compulsory for ecommerce merchants to allow this facility to their customers. Using this service, customers need not pay the amount upfront when ordering before receiving the product. This is a win-win deal for both customers as well as ecommerce merchants. Ecommerce merchants need not provide the product in credit and customers need not prepay the price for the product. We at Boxleo render last mile delivery in Kenya with our cash on delivery in Kenya. Cash on Delivery in Kenya has become a popular concept as it encourages online merchants to provide last mile delivery in Kenya.

COD services provide the possibility for our e-commerce merchants to sell to customers without offering them credit or demanding prepayment. We have gained considerable expertise in handling these unique types of orders and their financial perspectives, backed by state-of-the-art tools, and integrated with a particular banking network to provide an effective solution for COD delivery.

Why us?

Last Mile Delivery In Kenya

We at Boxleo can provide this service for our ecommerce merchants because of our massive experience in managing this and our technical knowhow. This process is supported by our specialized software. Also, an integration with a specific banking platform makes it easier and possible for us to bring this service to you. Our system of Cash on Delivery is highly reliable and secure which makes us the leading service provider in Kenya. Our COD service is also highly efficient for our ecommerce merchants. As we look to provide high class services to our customers, it becomes imperative for us to keep doing the best work. At every step, we put our customers first and thus we guarantee full customer satisfaction. This puts us ahead in the stiff competition and this is proven by loyalty of our revered customers. We understand that COD is one of the features you cannot do away with. So, we have solution for you so that you can serve your customers well. We understand your customers in the same way as we understand our customers. We have fostered long and healthy relationships with our revered customers. So, we boast of loyalty of our customers towards us. This keeps our fire burning.

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