Warehousing or warehouse management are the terms that are interchangeable. It refers to the facility of storing the deliverable goods mostly temporarily. The storage need can also be long term or urgent. This facility is used mostly by logistic service providers. It enables the logistic providers like Boxleo to allow their customers to store the goods and products in their warehouses and use them if needed to deliver the products to their customers from the warehouses. For example: goods can be stored strategically at warehouses so that logistic providers can quickly deliver the goods from them.

Warehousing Service In Kenya

We at Boxleo have massive experience in providing warehousing services to our revered customers. Our customers can store their products and goods in our warehouses. We ourselves use our warehouses which are strategically located such that it saves time and is convenient to deliver to our customers. We render customized solutions to our customers as per their needs and requirements. It could be last mile deliveries for residential and commercial customers, product fulfillment services, cross dock logistics, etc. We offer basic storage needs services, intricate warehousing and daily route deliveries if we are your trusted partner. We have big range of pick up and drop off facilities with bikes, cars, pickup trucks, refrigerated vans, standard vans and flat beds. Our team is dedicated to handle your warehousing needs from start to finish.

Warehouse Management

Boxleo Courier’s Warehousing Service is the solution you have been waiting for in terms of logistics. Our warehouse is strategically located in the Westlands, Nairobi, enabling our distribution team to easily reach customers when needed and deliver items quickly. Our warehousing team is prepared to build an individual plan for you, whether you have an immediate, temporary or long term storage need. We provide personalized solutions to each customer, including residential and commercial customer last-mile delivery, product fulfillment services, cross-dock logistics, and much more. Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services will be your trusted partner, from simple storage needs to extensive warehousing and regular route deliveries. Our team can manage your warehousing requirements from start to finish with our wide range of pick-up and drop-off capabilities (bikes, motorcycles, pick-up trucks, regular vans, refrigerated vans, standard straight trucks, refrigerated straight trucks and flat beds).

Storage Space and Efficiency in Warehousing

Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Centre offer flexible storage types such as bulk, pallet, rack storage, and more. By adjusting storage approaches to your product’s unique shapes and needs, efficiency can be found in both space used and in warehousing costs overall.

Warehousing Security Management

Not only are our warehouses secure from trespassers and thieves, but we take personal security and safety very seriously. Every measure is taken to ensure that warehouse employees and visitors are able to carry out their business in a safe and secure manner.

WMS – Warehouse Management System

Not only are our warehouses secure from trespassers and thieves, but we take personal security and safety very seriously. Every measure is taken to ensure that warehouse employees and visitors are able to carry out their business in a safe and secure manner.

Warehousing Storage Solutions

Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Ltd. is in a position to completely support and cater for the warehousing needs of your company. Our warehouse in Westlands, Nairobi, provides customized solutions for your specific needs for storage, distribution, and transport of goods. For all types of goods, Boxleo Courier provides a comprehensive range of warehousing storage solutions, including:

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Supplements and Vitamins
  • Nutritional and Sports Beverages
  • Beauty and Skincare Products
  • Media and Books
  • Promotional Items
  • Dry Goods
  • Small Electronics
  • Apparel

Warehousing (3PL) Frequently asked questions

1. What is 3PL? 3PL = 3rd Party Logistics

3PL (3rd Party Logistics) is the outsourcing of a company’s warehousing, fulfillment and/or transportation services to a 3rd party company.

2. How are the goods stored?

Warehousing depends entirely on the goods, but generally EUR and FIN pallets are stored on pallet shelves or mass storage places. Smaller quantities (boxes/containers) can be stored on small item shelves.

3. I would like to use your warehousing service – how can this be done?

Our sales team will analyse your space requirements and the needed operational model. The services are priced on a customer-specific basis using this basic information. Please, contact us.

4. How should the good be labelled? Can you do the labelling at the warehouse?

Yes, we can take care of the labelling. Value-added services can be added to the stored products before they are sent to the customer.
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Why our warehousing service:

A warehousing service basically requires three main features viz. effective storage space and efficiency, reliable security management and a good warehouse management system. We have all three to boast of. We at Boxleo offer our customers with flexible storage types such as bulk, pallet, rack storage, etc. Storage approaches can be adjusted as per the needs which makes sure there is storage efficiency in space used and overall costs. Our customers’ products and goods are highly valuable for us as they are for our customers. So, we have a unique and highly reliable security management system. Our warehouses are fully safe and secure from trespassers and thieves. We make sure that we and our customers can carry out their business safely and securely. We have a very sophisticated Warehouse management system that makes it very safe and secure to use. Our warehouses support a wide range of types of goods. It ranges from nutraceuticals, vitamins, supplements, nutritional and sports beverages, beauty and skin care products, media and books, promotional items, dry goods, small electronics to apparel.

Why Use Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services Ltd?

Our warehousing service in Kenya is unique and we have warehouse strategically located so that deliveries of goods become easier and efficient. We are leaders in proving warehousing service in Kenya. Our approach makes our customers happy and satisfied and we always yearn for customer satisfaction. We have a dedicated team for this, and it has a vast experience in this. These features enable us to establish long term relationship with our customers and we value this relationship for long.

Receiving & Put-Away

The act of handling products into a warehouse and onto a system. Put-away staff are then notified that stock is in staging waiting to be transported to a storage location.

Picking & Packing

Primary and Secondary picking are done here. Goods are then packed within distribution centers following strict packing rules for successful packing.

Dispatching & Returns

This is the ability to have goods ready for departure, just in time for carriers to load their trucks and bikes. Goods that are not successfully delivered must be returned to the warehouse.


The value adding part is about performing work on the product to make it ‘ready for sale’. This is where products are produced, kitted, assembled, relabeled, modified, ‘burnt’in’, or subject to some other value adding process.

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